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These are the ramblings of a software engineer that likes PHP, Mountain Biking and Korean Kung Fu (and just about anything else tech related).

Latest Blog Posts

Securing Ubuntu against Heartbleed
08/04/2014 21:12

This is just a quick post about the steps taken to update Ubuntu 13.10 server to protect against the heartbleed vulnerability.

My PHP+Netbeans Setup
22/02/2014 13:40

This is mainly just a reminder of a few template and other settings that I like to apply for my netbeans configuration.

Getting OSX on Mavericks to play nice with Google (Via IMAP)
31/01/2014 10:27

Apple made some changes to how handles gmail accounts with the latest update in Mavericks, and I've been putting up with a few bugs every since. So I finally got round to finding a solution I am happy with...

Static Interfaces
11/07/2013 22:19

If you've been a developer in any language for more than a day, then hopefully you have already learned a lesson - **globals are bad!!** However, I have also seen a lot of online bashing of static classes/methods and singletons, using the same arguments that are used against globals. Are they really that bad?

Installing Statsd + Graphite on Ubuntu 13.04
24/05/2013 16:50

After this months [preston codejo]( about Statsd and Graphite, I managed to get it installed with some tinkering earlier this week. I hit a few quirks in the online docs, along the way, so decided to put together a quick summary specific to Ubuntu 13.04

Spool's out for summer!
17/05/2013 21:25

Reflecting back on a post I made in February, and after getting a bit of inspiration from the php-fig mailing list, I have decided upon a summer project... Getting my own code in order!

Achievement unlocked: Red belt
21/03/2013 10:15

After an 18 month gap where I kept missing gradings for one reason or another, I have finally advanced to 3rd Geup - Red Belt.

Are we validating instead of constructing?
13/02/2013 15:33

PHP has come a long way in recent years, especially in areas and improvements to its OO implementations. But as developers, do we still think in terms of procedures and primitives?

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The short version - 100% geek! I love everything tech related, and I'm a freelance PHP web developer and software consultant.

I've been playing around with computers for a long time. I can remember we got a Commodore 64 when I was around 8 or 9, and I wrote out this program to make the balloon fly across the screen. Although I got the code from the "Complete Commodore 64" book shown, not the one the PDF links to. (Cover inspired by Tron much?)

Ahh, Nostalgia... They don't make it like they used to! Not much PEEKing and POKEing going on round here now.