Paul Court

Removing Silex

Walking through replacing the Silex framework behind this blog with.... nothing

Cross-server lock with MySQL and PHP

Quick Tip: Using MySQL as a lock source for running a single PHP process across multiple servers.

Is it time to ditch Frameworks?

OK. Sharpen your pitchforks! I'm going to dive into why I think you should ditch your favourite PHP framework for anything other than MVPs.

Exploring life beyond PHP

After 20 years, I'm defecting to the other side! PHP is Slow and Java is Fast!!

Here are some of my thoughts and ideas as I go about ditching PHP in favour of Java and exploring how the world of modern Java web apps shape up as I dive into the vert.x framework.

I'm not intentionally going to be bashing PHP (although I suspect it might come across that way), but I'm going to try and explore what it is that keeps us tied to PHP even though there are (probably) better solutions out there.

Wildcard SSL certs from Let's Encrypt using and Route53

The movement of the web to HTTPS "by default" is continuing at a great rate (which is a good thing), thanks in no small part to the excellent work of Let's Encrypt and major browsers - especially Google Chrome.

For this article, I want to run through my solutions for overcoming two challenges I have recently faced with acquiring Let's Encrypt certificates for use in local dev environments and securing web interfaces on the increasing number of devices I have on my local network.

In both these scenarios, there is no direct connection to these systems from the internet, so I'm going to be using and Route53's for DNS in order to use the ACME DNS challenge verification method in order to obtain the certificates.

Network Speed Testing

As part of another project I am working on, I wanted to make sure I could reliably test the speed, latency and packet loss of a network setup. Not necessarily an internet connection - but the connection between any two devices on the network.

So I thought it would be a good time to write up a post about the tools I am planning on using to gather the test data.

Relaunching Soon

I am working on relaunching this blog soon. Probably for about the 5th time!

Having somehow managed to keep backups of my old blog safe since 2005, I was having a read through the old posts only to find that, to be perfectly honest with myself, 95% of what I was writing about was total rubbish and not worth keeping backups of - never mind restoring into this incarnation of the pheonix!

In order to hopefully motivate myself to keep the blog going properly this time, I am setting myself some ground rules...