Paul Court

Network Speed Testing

As part of another project I am working on, I wanted to make sure I could reliably test the speed, latency and packet loss of a network setup. Not necessarily an internet connection - but the connection between any two devices on the network.

So I thought it would be a good time to write up a post about the tools I am planning on using to gather the test data.

Relaunching Soon

I am working on relaunching this blog soon. Probably for about the 5th time!

Having somehow managed to keep backups of my old blog safe since 2005, I was having a read through the old posts only to find that, to be perfectly honest with myself, 95% of what I was writing about was total rubbish and not worth keeping backups of - never mind restoring into this incarnation of the pheonix!

In order to hopefully motivate myself to keep the blog going properly this time, I am setting myself some ground rules...